About Me brankolo

Hi darling netizen!


My name is Marco, i live in Turin (ITALY-EU) by now; most of net-people knows me like brankolo, this is my nickname that derives from brankojr. You can call me "brank" :)


I've studied Information Technology and Graphic Design; i perform Visual e Audio live session now, in the past i've played a lot of guitar from classical teaching to punkrock band; then i was involved so much in the net activity, from linux system and services to netsocial community.


After some years of break i'm now returned in music practicing in the electronic field.



I hate every proprietary system in this world.

I love free comunication and free publishing, for a better future.


I believe to live often out of the time, if i can say that.
I'm here to start something that can go by this way... so good luck to everyone.



Remember guys:

« ..the universe is a mind: a system that observes himself and self-arranged. »
« ..l'universo è una mente: un sistema, che si osserva e si autoorganizza. »


You are a part of this Universe



Chances of freedom are our luck in the nowadays society: they are here, living and already organised. We only have to find and use them.

La fortuna che abbiamo nella società di oggi è che le possiblità di libertà sono già esistenti e organizzate, abbiamo solo da trovarle e da usarle.


Open the eyes and get involved!


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